Fire Rated Cables

To introduce ourselves – we are in the marketing of Fire Survival / Fire Resistance / Fire Alarm Circuit Integrity (CI) Cables conforming to BS 8519, BS 5839-1, BS 7629-1, BS 7846 F-2 & F-120, BS EN 50200 PH-30 to PH-120 + Annex-E, BS 8434-2, BS 8491:120 mins , BS 6387 CWZ, IEC 60331-1 & 2 all over India.

The advantage of these cables are that they maintain Circuit Integrity even when burning @ 950°C upto 180 mins (replacement of MICC – Mineral Insulated Cables). Whereas, PVC FR/FRLS cables - even in Metal conduits, will fail in a short time as PVC-FRLS cables are FLAME RETARDANT cables and are used only where curbing Flame Propagation in adequate like in Non-critical systems which can fail without causing damage to life and property.

On the contrary, Fire Survival Circuit Integrity (CI) cables are designed to meet the requirements of FIRE SURVIVABILITY i.e. they Survive under fire conditions and retain enough dielectric strength and also carry the rated current at rated Voltage even during burning.

During a fire crisis situation, Circuit Integrity has to be maintained and this can only be achieved by using Fire Survival / Fire Resistant Cables. This broadly relates to the following critical areas:-

    1) Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.     2) Public Address and Emergency evacuation announcement system.
    3) Power supply to Pressurization Fans.     4) Power supply to Smoke Extraction Fans.
    5) Power supply to Emergency Lighting System.     6) Power supply to Elevators.
    7) Power supply to Fire Pumps

Besides, there are other advantages, such as :-
  1) The biggest advantage is that for the price PVC FRLS Cables + MS Conduit, the total cost works out to a figure that is almost equivalent to the vastly superior Fire Survival Circuit Integrity (CI) cables that we are offering.
  2) Labour: Not much labour is required to install these cables since they do not have to pass through a conduit. This becomes a plus point since the requisite skilled (or even unskilled) labour is not available.

In the field of Fire Survival / Fire Resistance cables, it has been our effort to offer world class products after getting proper International approvals/certifications like LPCB, BRE GLOBAL - UK. Fire resistance halogen free cables offered by India Impex have been successfully meeting the complex & changing cabling needs of the Indian & global markets across various sectors.

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