Semiconductive Compounds

INDIA IMPEX offers world class Semiconductive Cable Compounds as per IS, IEC, BS, ICEA, NEMA, AEIC and HD Standards.
Cable manufacturers find the Semiconductive Compounds giving high productivity, ease in processing, good cable quality and cost saving.

Semiconductive compounds are classified into two types in cable manufacturing:

    • Thermoplastic Silane based Semiconductive Compounds for MV Cables     • Cross linkable Peroxide based Semiconductive Compounds for MV, HV & EHV Cables

Salient features of Thermoplastic Silane based bondable Semiconductive Compounds:

  • Good dispersion
  • Compound Cleanliness and appropriate flow factor for high output
  • To perform on higher RPM without process limitations
  • Ensures smooth surface
  • No scorching effect throughout the long run
  • Would meet the customers physical requirements of Silane based and peroxide-based cables satisfactorily
  • Good Volume Resistivity
  • Good Thermal Stability

Salient features of Cross linkable Peroxide based bondable and strippable Semiconductive Compounds:

  • Lower melt temperature and good mixing in process
  • No pre-curing and scorching effect throughout the machine run
  • Good compatibility results with XLPE compound
  • Good break down strength results in produced cables
  • No failure cost, as customer can stop the line for die changing during size/kv change over
  • Lower by-products generation in vulcanized curing process
  • Compatible with XLPE compounds of other suppliers
  • Works on higher cable surface temperature for CCV/VCV lines production
  • Higher stoppage time during change over without material degradation
  • Continuous long run with excellent process and productivity
  • Low, high and easy stripping force obtained in finished cables as per customer requirements
  • No pungent effect during material handling and processing
  • Uniform sizes of granules and moisture protected packing systems
  • Works well and achieves good results on all brand of machines, such as, Mailleffer, Troester, Royle Systems, Pinnacle, Pampas, Simec, Sumitomo, Supermac

Salient features of Thermoplastic Semiconductive Jacket / Skin Compounds:

  • Extruded semi conductive thin layer may be applied on the surface of the over sheath, to facilitate the detection and location of defective points.
  • Excellent heat deformation resistant properties
  • Good thermal stress crack resistance properties
  • Ease to process in co-extrusion or single extrusion
  • Good Electrical conductivity
  • Good Cleanliness and best process results
  • Optimum for HV & EHV cables skin coating having thickness of 0.1/ 0.2mm over jacketing compound
  • Good Thermal Stability

Semiconducting compounds offered by INDIA IMPEX conforms to the requirements of IEC-60502, IEC-60840, IEC 62067

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